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Heavy machining techniques in larger dimensions

Heavy Machining is a specialism within the machining sector.
We certainly have a right to exist, also in changing markets, but only if we can continue delivering added value to the supply chain.
We are always part of a process which has to yield a final product. This requires a high level of quality in all fields. Not only must the products be good, but the service and data delivered and the inspections performed must also meet high standards; everything has to be just right.

Our clients must be able to rely on good, fast service at a reasonable price. For this reason, specialism is essential. A customer’s requirement may never be a surprise. As it is a capital intensive business, there is little room for experiments.

Companies within the heavy machining sector and the DHMA are not set up for high volumes; we excel in high mix low volumes and complex designs for sectors such as the semi-conductor industry, machine building, the defence market and the paper industry.


Dutch craftsmanship, international clout

As an industry, we may be a little modest, but international is in our DNA!
We are often part of a process and are therefore often asked to deliver our pieces ready for assembly. We supply 50% or more of our products / services to countries in Scandinavia, Germany, France and Belgium and from there it is shipped all over the world.

No DHMA company is the same. We can work on existing products, and we can also produce new products from a design or drawing. The differences are in the machinery, the markets and the dimensions of the various processing possibilities such as turning, milling, grinding, deep hole drilling, welding or assembling. Every specialism contributes to a spectacular final product. Even if the DHMA companies have the same machinery, the specialization in terms of application and output is completely different.
This depends on the industry choices that have been made. One DHMA company is more specialized in products for the defence market, the other in the maritime or semi- conductor sector. It is really important that you as a company know all about the final product you have to produce and the circumstances under which it will be used.

Competence matrix

Below you will find an overview of all the DHMA member companies and their specialisations.

Most companies also offer CAD / CAM support and have access to 3D measuring machines.


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